How are you? Have you also welcomed spring with great enthusiasm?

At Zapiens we've welcomed it with open arms and lots of news!

But...First of all, before telling you anything else:

Please update the App on Android and iOS!

And now, let's go!

What's new this month?

Validate the answers of other masterminds

When a mastermind answers a question, other experts in the same category will be able to validate whether the answer is correct or not.

Thus, Zap will increase its internal knowledge about your organisation in a more rigorous way and increase collaboration between the masterminds in your company. 

Masterminds can validate answers both through the Administration Area and through the App.

Also, this new functionality affects the "View answers" option when an App user asks a question and sends it to a mastermind:


By selecting "View answer" they will see indicated whether or not it has been validated by another mastermind.

If you want to have more details on how to see the answers of masterminds in the App when the Validate Answers option is activated, you can check this article.

This new feature will be enabled by default. If you want to disable it, please contact our team through the Help Centre.

New "Your questions" section in the App

From this new section, App users will be able to consult a list of all the questions that have been sent to masterminds through Zap.

This way, users can easily keep track of the questions they have sent to masterminds so they don't miss anything.

This option is available from the "Profile" button of the App.

You can learn more about this new section in this article.

Other new features

  • At the end of the daily training questions or after completing a training, Zap will give users the option to ask him doubts.

  • Open-ended answers to surveys are now allowed up to 500 characters.

  • The option to hide questions from Zap in activated trainings with specific question order is now working properly.

Remember to update the App if you haven't already done it, and go train with Zapiens! 

If you have any questions, please contact our team through our Help Center.

We remind you that from the "Updates" section you can find a collection of all the news so that you can always have them available.

Thank you very much for trusting our tribe! 

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