In Zapiens, people in your organization will be able to share their opinions through two features:

        Training assessment

        The surveys

The analysis of these opinions is another key aspect in the knowledge management of your organization. 

Training assessment

From the Administration Area access the "Training List" to see the assessments of each of them. 

In the "Evaluation" column a star will appear next to the score given over a maximum of 5 stars. This rating is the average score of the number of stars given divided by the number of people who have rated the training. On a scale of 1 to 5. 

Training with an empty "evaluation" column means that no one has yet evaluated it.

Note: We recommend that you encourage and promote the use of this feature through training notifications or messages in the "Home" area. It will help you know the training content quality.  

Find out how to evaluate trainings from the App, through our article Assess a training

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The surveys

In our article Viewing and exporting the results of a Survey, we explain how to access the results, where and how you can download that file. 

Here, we help you understand the results:

  1. Invited: Total number of people included in the survey

  2. Participants: Number of people who answered at least one question in the survey

  3. Participation: It is the % of participants in relation to the total number of people invited to the survey

  4. The quantitative results of the closed questions:

    1. % of votes obtained in relation to the total votes in each answer alternative

    2. Number of votes in each answer alternative

  5. The qualitative results of the open questions

In the excel of results that you can download, you will be able to know which users have participated and what their answers have been.

Note: We remind you that the activity of deleted users is reflected in the results of the surveys. 

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