Sometimes we will ask you to send us a screenshot to see exactly what is happening on your device. If the screenshot is complete, including the time, it will be very helpful to us.


We will explain how to take a screenshot on the different devices:


        Full page screenshot on a Mac

        Full page screenshot on Windows

        Full page screenshot on a mobile device


Full Screenshot on a Mac

You have to press and hold Command ⌘+ Shift+ 3. Your PC will save the file on your desktop. Attach it to your next email reply to the Customer Care team.


If you are using a Macbook Pro with a touch bar, press and hold Command ⌘+ Shift+6


Full Screenshot on Windows

You must press ImprPt to capture the entire screen. Windows copies that image to an invisible clipboard.


Press Ctrl and then press V to paste the screenshot into your next email reply to the Customer Care team. 


Full screenshot on a mobile device 

If you're using a mobile device (phone or tablet) whether it's Android or iOS, Chrome OS or Linux, you can find some detailed instructions on how to take screenshots on these devices here

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