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I've come to share with you our news for November, but first, before I tell you anything...

Update the App either if you have Android or iOS, please!

And now, let's go with the news!

What's included in this update?

We continue to work on making the Administration Area more user-friendly

Improvements in the training configuration:

  • When you change the dates of a training, the default notification dates will also change automatically.

  • Now you can add external links in the training descriptions.

In this way, App users will be able to access external sites when they enter a new training to broaden the information about each learning process.

Other improvements:

  • The question and training search engine of the Administration Area now supports the use of symbols.

  • You can access the Help Centre from the top of the Administration Area so that you always have it available.

  • Also, if you want, you can change or edit the name of your organisation in Zapiens from the Settings section.

Update the App if you haven't already done it, and go train with Zapiens! 

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We remind you that from the "Updates" section you can find a collection of all the news so that you can always have them available.

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