Hi there!

This is a special announcement!

I'm Isa, Communications Manager, nice to e-meet you!

This time, I'm not here to talk to you about product news, the App or our technology.

Nope, this news are different!

I come to tell you our news from the perspective of the company and, above all, of the people.

You may wonder "? Why now...?" (and I'm not surprised!)

Because the companies and people we work with are part of our tribe and we want to share our news with you.

What's new on the team?

We have used the summer as a pre-season, to consolidate the team with its ups and downs.

On the one hand, Iván Arrizabalaga and Marina Martínez, who founded and built Zapiens from the beginning, have decided to follow their path with new challenges and professional experiences.

From now on we have two new Zapiens ambassadors in other tribes, we wish them the best! ?

? Now, it is our turn to take the next step towards business maturity in the hands of new people:

  • Abel Castro who is also part of Zapiens since the beginning has assumed the responsibility of leading the "Operating System" area, which includes the Product, Engineering and the recent Data teams.

  • This new Data team is led by David Sánchez, Senior Data Analyst. The objective of this department is to develop a data analysis strategy that allows you to deepen the real knowledge of your teams and perform learning and people analysis.

  • The Product Department has incorporated Juan Leal as a new CPO, a long-time expert in the design of Digital Products with experience in companies that surely sound familiar to you: Idealista, Wallapop... In this role, Juan replaces Vanesa Barrero, who is no longer part of the tribe due to strategic decisions.

  •  Matthieu Etienne started in Zapiens by implementing the Customer Care service (the one that helps you if you have any incidence) and now extends its functions to coordinate in a general way the operations of the company and make us more and more reliable and consistent.

Any more news?

YES! ?

These have been months of non-stop contests and events that have gone very well! ?

We are very very happy to have been one of the 4 startups that won the Santander X Tomorrow Challenge Award in the re-skill category and to have won the silver medal in the Virtual South Summitt in the Education category.

In addition, we have also been one of the 100 startups chosen in the category of Education for South Summit 2020 that will be held next October.

And... That's all! (for the moment!) ?

If you have any questions or suggestions, I will be happy to read from you! You can write to us creating a new ticket!

Thank you very much for always trusting our tribe.?

Happy September!