To ease the results management of the Knowledge Dashboard, we recommend applying filters: 

  1. In the section "Activity", "Knowledge" and " Rankings" you will be able to filter by:

    1. Training: Click on the section "Trainings" to open the drop-down menu, search and select the training or trainings if you need to create a combined knowledge dashboard, click on "Apply"

    2. Categories

    3. Segments

    4. Dates 

  2. In the section "Knowledge" you can search for specific questions in the list “Top Failed Questions" and “Top Learned Questions"

  3. In the " Rankings " section you can filter the results, at the Individual level and at the level grouped by segment:

    1. Click on the "Individual" button at the top left to open the drop-down list

    2. Select the segment you want to group the results with

    3. Select the "Individual" option to cancel the filter and return to the individual results

  4. In the "Rankings" section you can also search for specific users in the "Knowledge", "Attendance" and "Total” rankings

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