Public Ranking is the solution we offer in order to share the Knowledge Ranking of a training within your organization, for example, on different screens in the building. 


To access the Public Ranking: 

  1. Go to "Training” area on the left side menu to access the training list and find the training you want to share

  2. Click on the "Three-dots vertical" button on the right and select the "Public Ranking" option

  3. On the new page you will see:

    1. Your organization's logo

    2. The name of the training

    3. Training status: "Active", "Programmed" or " Completed"

    4. Information on:

      • Players: Total number of participants in the training

      • Participation: It is the % of days trained, by all participants, with respect to the total days during which the training is active

      • Average grade: This is the average grade of success in relation to the total number of questions in the training. It is calculated on a scale from 0 to 10

    5. Knowledge ranking indicating position, profile picture, name and surname and user points

  4. Click on the "Arrow" button on your browser to exit the public ranking

  5. Click on any area of the left side menu to exit the training history


Note: The average score is the average score of correctly answered questions over the total. For example, in a training with 30 questions for 4 participants, the total is 120 questions. 120 correct answers correspond to a 10 on the average score and 90 correct answers correspond to a 7.5 on the average score. 

Note: The % of participation is the percentage of days trained by all participants in relation to the total. For example, in a one-day training for 4 participants, 100% participation is achieved if all 4 participants have trained on that day.