The user activity analysis in Zapiens is one of the key aspects of the knowledge management of your organization. 

From the Administration Area you can carry out this analysis, using the following sources of information:


        Knowledge Dashboard


In the section “Is Zapiens being used?” select a period of time that you are interested in, by default it is the last 30 days, and analyze the evolution of "App Access" at a quantitative level given:

  1. The percentage of users who have logged into the App 

  2. The number of users who have logged into the App in relation to the total number of users created

  3. The number of unique users who have logged into the App by days, weeks, months and years, as reflected in the graph:

    1. On the progress line, mouse over the corresponding points of each date on the horizontal axis

    2. The following information will appear at the bottom of the graph, depending on the selected time period:

      • Yesterday: Day/month/year together with the number of users who have entered

      • Last 30 days: Weekly interval next to the number of users who have logged in. The last interval corresponds to the current week, from Monday to Sunday. Therefore, the number of users of the current week will not be updated until the following Monday

      • Last 6 months: Month/year together with the number of users who have logged in

      • Last year: Month/year together with the number of users who have logged in

      • Custom date

Note: This section does not include users who only access the Administration Area and have never logged in to the App.

Note: Unique user, each person who accesses the App is counted as a single user, regardless of the number of times they do so. For example, if a person accesses the App three times in one day, it only counts as one. 

Note: We remind you that the activity of deleted users is reflected in the results of this section, according to the period selected. 

Note: In the Home area, all data is calculated based on user activity from Monday to Sunday

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Knowledge Dashboard

In the Knowledge Dashboard you will be able to download a file, in excel format, that will help you analyze the inactivity of the users in the App. 

In our article Export inactive users, we explain where and how you can download this file with the List of "Missing People”.

Here, we help you to understand the results so you can adopt communication strategies that increase the number of users accessing the App.

In this excel you will be able to know:

  1. Those people who have never logged into the App. Super interesting! In column F "Number of days" of the excel, people have associated the value "Never"

Remember that the data in this excel is dynamic, i. e., even if the training is finished, time will affect its results. We recommend reviewing this excel when the training is active in order to adopt efficient communication strategies with the different groups of inactive people. 

Check out our article Training Activity to understand all the data in this excel file. 

Note: People active in trainings are not listed here.

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